Petite Tension Set Pearl Drop Earrings


Small: The pearls on sit just under your earlobes, and they are made with square wire.

Med.: Around 3/4" Drop Length, these are made with round wire.

Both are incredibly lightweight and very comfortable. 


Tarnish-Resistant Argentium Silver and AAA 5mm Lavender Pearls

They come with rubber guards


These are prototypes, so when they're gone they're gone!  Quality is still guaranteed.  These are hammer hardened, so they're very sturdy even though they look delicate.

1 Pearl Drop Earrings

$95.00 Regular Price
$52.25Sale Price
  • Argentium Silver is tarnish-resistant and higher purity than traditional sterling silver.  If taken care of it will stay bright with minimal maintenance.  Put jewelry on after any products such as lotions or perfumes have set, and take them off before bathing.  Store in a dry location.  If they get products on them, simply wash in warm water and mild dish soap, then dry with a soft cloth.

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