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Halo Collection

Gemstones Suspended Mid-Air

14K Gold, 18K Gold and Argentium Silver

Carved Ebony Circle Necklace with White Pearls and 14K Gold

Ebony Collection

Sustainably Sourced Ebony Wood is Hand-Carved and set with Hand-Forged Rivets. 

One of a Kind

Dot Chain and Rivet Earrings.jpeg

Chain and Rivet

Kinetic Handmade Chain Links set with sparkly gems, lustrous pearls and hand-forged rivets.

Riveted Blue Zircon and Argentium Silver Necklace Handmade

Rivet Collection

Architectural and Contemporary, this collection gently captures pearls and gems in unique hand-forged riveted settings.

Oxidized Silver and 14K Gold Riveted Earrings with White Pearls

Gold and Black

14K , 18K Gold and Oxidized Silver make a statement!  Hand-Fabricated and One of a Kind Mixed Metals Jewelry.

Gold Aster Earrings with Pink White or L

Note Collection

Minimal Tension Set Designs Hand-Forged and Fabricated with

14K Gold or Argentium Silver and AAA Pearls.


Handmade Chain

One of a Kind Handmade Chain Necklaces and Bracelets

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