Delicate and architectural, these chain and rivet earrings gently capture pearls or rubies while allowing them to slide in their settings. These are all about catching the light! These minimal earrings allow light in from all angles to really illuminate the pearls or gems.


Hand-fabricated out of tarnish-resistant recycled Argentium Silver, these are very easy to take care of. Argentium naturally creates a white oxide on the surface that protects it from any darker copper oxides that occur with regular sterling silver. Simply wash with mild dish soap and dry thoroughly, if any discoloration occurs with time it is usually just on the surface.


Ready to Ship in peachy pink pearls or rubies! If you'd like another color option make a note in the comments and I'll make them special for you.


Dimensions and Materials:

4mm x 28mm (a little over an inch long)

Argentium Silver

Silicone covered Silver Ear Nuts

4mm AAAA Peachy Pink Pearls 5mm Lab-Grown Rubies

Linear Chain and Rivet Post Earrings

Gemstone or Pearl
  • Argentium Silver is tarnish-resistant and higher purity than traditional sterling silver.  If taken care of it will stay bright with minimal maintenance.  Put jewelry on after any products such as lotions or perfumes have set, and take them off before bathing.  Store in a dry location.  If they get products on them, simply wash in warm water and mild dish soap, then dry with a soft cloth.

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